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October 21, 2016 Volume XXXII

Final newsletter

With the construction of the H-5 Wet Weather Pump Station nearing completion, this newsletter will be the final volume that NHSA will publish. Since the beginning of the project in June 2015, thirty-two (32) newsletters have been published in a concerted effort to keep the community informed about the construction process. The final construction activities, which will occur over the next two weeks, are detailed below. The project will be completed on time, in conformity with the original construction schedule.


North Hudson would like to thank the Maxell HOA and residents for their patience and cooperation over the last 17 months.

Construction update

All construction activities along 11th Street between Sinatra Drive North and Hudson Street will be finished by the end of October. The contractor is currently completing the surface restoration and paving. This will be followed by the striping of the repaved roadway and landscaping next week, thus fully restoring the Maxwell islands. The fencing and fencing cover for the NHSA island between Hudson and Washington Streets, which houses the emergency generator for the H-5 WWPS, will not be installed until the second week of November.


The HOA has approved work on Saturday, October 22nd, weather permitting, to install the roadway striping. The work will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m.. The site will be locked up by 4:00 p.m.

Recent construction activities

The following are recent activities at the site:

  • Pump station—The contractor partially completed the wet tests of the new pumps. We are awaiting more wet weather to complete the final performance testing protocol.

  • Transition vault—The contractor completed the installation of the Tideflex Valve and restored the surface of the below grade chamber.

  • Control vault—The functions of the completed control vault have been tested and are functional.

  • Emergency generator—Installation completed. The contractor will test the generator now that the new pumps are energized.

  • Restoration/landscape planning—The landscaping plan has been approved by the HOA and NHSA. The contractor is procuring the planting materials and will install them once they are received. This is planned to occur the week of October 24th.

The project’s three (3) phases are now essentially completed, with restoration of the site planned for the next two weeks. The three phases are: 1) the construction of the wet weather pump station; 2) the construction of the control vault; and 3) the installation of the emergency generator.

Construction map

(Click image above for a larger view)

Latest construction activity

Submittals are complete. The following is a summary of the construction submittals processed to date:

  • Construction submittals received: 227

  • Construction submittals reviewed: 227

  • Construction submittals approved: 227

  • Submittals not subject to review (for information only): 11

The following construction submittals were reviewed the week of October 21, 2016.

  • None

The photograph below depicts the latest construction activity. The beginning of the restoration can be seen.

New curbing

New curbing (replaced) and paving
underway along 11th Street

Coming up

In the next three (3) weeks, the contractor will complete the remaining work. As noted above, the fencing at the 11th Street Pump Station, between Hudson and Washington Streets, will be completed in November. Once the fencing is completed, all project work will be finished and the contractor will be off the site.

  • Transition vault—Completed

  • Pump station—Completed and operational. Final performance test the main pumps.

  • Control vault—Complete punch list for equipment and controls.

  • Site restoration—Underway with scheduled completion by end of October.

Overall construction schedule

The current overall construction schedule remains as follows:

  • Pre-construction activities—Completed as scheduled.

  • Construction activities—Completed as scheduled, with site restoration underway and expected to be completed on the Maxwell site by the end of October.

  • LSRP monitoring completed.

  • Performance testing of the H-5 WWPS continues.

Sidewalk and auto access

Sidewalks are now open to pedestrians.  Full auto access will be available by October 31st, if not sooner.

LSRP update

The Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) is completing the final environmental report and his work onsite is completed. The LSRP’s activities included:

  • Air monitoring of the site began on Thursday, August 27th, 2015 and continued in accordance with the LSRP-approved plan.

  • The program was discontinued as of September 16th, 2016.

The LSRP will continue to oversee restoration of the site.

auto and pedestrian

Sidewalk and auto access

This is the most current information and will be updated going forward.



Sidewalks are now open to pedestrians.




Full auto access will be available by October 31st, if not sooner.




No street parking during construction hours between Maxwell Lane and Hudson Street.

No street parking on 11th Street from Hudson Street to Sinatra Drive North (Eastbound).


Effect on local businesses


Sidewalk access permits unimpeded foot traffic to local businesses.

Traffic controls at site will minimize business impact.

Drop-off point will be maintained during construction.

Parking access may have
limited effect.

Parking garage access remains in place.

Restrictions on street parking will be impacted during construction.


auto and pedestrian

Air monitoring

Although the NJDEP does not require air monitoring for the H-5 WWPS project, North Hudson is voluntarily monitoring the air surrounding the construction site for dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The LSRP will continuously monitor the air during excavation activities and until the original cap has been replaced. This is a relatively conservative approach, as it is designed to alert the construction team whenever dust is in excess of the LSRP monitoring plan. Readings that show elevated levels of dust or VOCs in the air will result in review and remedial action to abate the condition as approved by the LSRP. Our e-newsletter will provide regular summaries of the air monitoring activities, and the website (nhudsonsa.com) will post daily readings.


Contact us

You can contact us 24/7 at our dedicated number: 866.689.3970. The Resident Engineer, who is overseeing the construction, will normally be on site during construction hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m.