Sewer Connection Procedures and Forms

A new sewer connection within the Authority’s service area with a designed project flow in excess of 400 gallons per day (GPD) must be approved by the Authority Engineer. Any new connection with a designed project flow in excess of 8,000 GPD also requires approval from the Authority Board and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). To help you work through the process, the Authority has provided this Sewer Connection Review Checklist.

THE FOLLOWING ARE REQUIRED FOR REVIEW (including any required attachments)

Each project submittal must be accompanied by a check for the fees noted above. The application fee and review fee surcharge are nonrefundable. The review fee is a deposit to reimburse the Authority for the cost of review, and subsequent fees may be required for review of the application.

NOTE:  Applications with flow less than 400 GPD must submit a Treatment Works Approval Permit Application and the appropriate Statement of Consent (either Adams Street WWTP or River Road WWTP)  and pay the $500 application fee and $500 review fee.

Additional Document Requirements (refer to Sewer Connection Checklist for detailed information to be included):

  • One copy of building floor plans indicating units and/or use of proposed space
  • Two copies of sewer connection plans and specifications
  • Two copies of the stormwater detention system design report

Sewer connection review shall be acted upon within 45 days of submission of complete application to the Authority, or within such further time as may be agreed to by the applicant.

Upon approval, refer to the Fee Schedule for associated sanitary connection, stormwater and dewatering fees and related fines.

NOTE: The number of services units is determined by taking the average daily flow of sewage for the connector and dividing by 300 GPD (based on NJDEP predictive average daily sewage flow for the average single-family residence).

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