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NHSA Employment Opportunities

For more than 20 years, the North Hudson Sewerage Authority has partnered with Jacobs, a global, consulting, design, design-build, operations, and program management firm based in Dallas, to operate and maintain the facilities and systems that serve our customers. Unless otherwise noted, the positions listed below are for employment with Jacobs specifically to serve the NHSA. In turn, Jacobs uses specialized staffing agencies, such as HKA Enterprises, to recruit qualified candidates. To apply for a position, click on the link and follow the instructions.

Billing and Collections Supervisor

*Note: This postion will be fulfilled by NHSA and not Jacobs.

Responsible for managing the billing and collection of over 22,000 sewer accounts, as well as supervising the billing and collections staff. The Billing and Collections Supervisor reports to the Chief Financial Officer.

Position oversees and manages the billing and collections staff; obtains a thorough knowledge of billing and collections procedures and software (currently Edmunds); reviews daily reports, including exception reports, reviews and posts billing adjustments; reviews, investigates and posts credit adjustments; reviews and manages customer agreements; collaborates with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure proper accounting of all revenues and cash receipts; oversees the monthly processing of interest accruals and the quarterly process of sewer billing; manages the Authority’s participation in tax sales with its constituent municipalities; assists the Authority Collection Counsel with collection related issues; and in the absence of other employees, responds to and assists customers with the status of their sewer account.

The billing and collections supervisor must be able to follow procedures, plan, organize and develop all billing and collection activities, both orally and in writing, and be able to prepare clear, sound and accurate informative reports.

Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in accounting or a similar field, must have minimum of 10 years experience in the private or public sector in a comparable position; and knowledge of procedues related to tax sale process in the state of New Jersey is preferable.

Click here for complete job description including working conditions and physical requirements. To apply, email your letter of interest and resume to

Collections Operator-in-Training

Performs a variety of tasks in the operation and maintenance of the collection system on an assigned shift. An NJDEP C1 Operators License will need to be obtained within the first two years of employment with Jacobs.

Position assists Collections Operator in the use of sewer cleaning, clearing and rodding equipment, all repairs to collection systems; cleaning of bar screen facilities located throughout the collection system; performing weekly preventive maintenance on all equipment as needed; and keeping maintenance records using a CMMS system, develop computer spreadsheets, and use Word and Excel. Must learn and gain skills in a variety of equipment and tools used in maintaining the collection system; has the ability to read and interpret sewer maps, construction plans, prints, specifications and Operations and Maintenance Manuals; and the ability to diagnose simple wastewater collection system problems.

Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and possess valid Class B Commercial Driver’s License.

Preferred qualifications include knowledge of collection system and tools, equipment, materials used to maintain and repair system; knowledge or previous experience in water or wastewater treatment, operations, or collections; has applicable OSHA training including, but not limited to, Confined Space Entry and Lock-out/Tag-out procedures; and has obtained the NJDEP C1 Operators License.

Click here for complete job description including working conditions and physical requirements. To apply, email your letter of interest and resume to

Electrician III

Responsible for electrical maintenance and emergency repairs of electrical equipment at the facilities; proposes, prepares, makes modifications, and executes the preventive maintenance program designed for the facilities.

Position requires working with management to keep all equipment and buildings in compliance with electrical codes; providing training and supervision to others in the replacement or installation of existing or new equipment; repairing and maintaining all facility electrical wiring and fixtures in accordance with blueprints, manuals, and building codes using appropriate hand and electrician's tools; installing and repairing electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment; repairing and maintaining major equipment such as motors, generators, and electrical control systems; testing defective equipment to determine the cause of malfunction or failure using standard electrical test equipment; observing functioning of installed facility equipment to detect hazards and need for adjustment, relocation, or replacement; inspecting circuits and wiring for specified shielding and grounding and repairs or rewires plant equipment systems according to state building codes and safety regulations; planning layout of new wiring installations; inspecting all equipment on a regularly scheduled basis; meets all requirements of the established preventive maintenance program; inspecting, maintaining, and repairing solid state boiler control systems and electrical switch gear and electric motors; adjusting, calibrating, and repairing electrical-pneumatic control systems; inspecting electrical-pneumatic systems for emergency repairs; and reporting and logs all findings .

Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED,possess certification as a licensed electrician with at least 6 years of experience as a commercial and/or industrial journeyman electrician, and possess a valid driver’s license .

Preferred qualifications include knowledge of the methods, materials, equipment and tools used in the maintenance and repair of advanced mechanical and/or electrical systems and the ability to use computers and computer software including, but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook and to enter data into computerized management systems to compose and complete computer reports.

Click here for complete job description including working conditions and physical requirements. To apply, email your letter of interest and resume to

Utility Worker

Performs a variety of tasks in the operations and maintenance of wastewater collection and treatment systems on an assigned shift.

Position requires performing routine servicing and corrective maintenance of water/wastewater systems; performing routine inspection of vehicles and equipment; performs minor maintenance and lubrication of machinery such as changing oil, greasing equipment, and cleaning; and operating and maintaining vehicles, equipment and tools required to load, unload, haul, and spread sand, gravel, dirt and/or waste products (sludge, product waste, packaging waste, etc).

Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and a valid driver’s license.

Preferred qualifications include a basic knowledge in the operation and maintenance of vehicles, equipment, pumps and equipment used in and around water and wastewater systems; familiarity with hand and power tools and equipment commonly used in the maintenance of vehicles, equipment, structures, and buildings; knowledge or previous experience in water or wastewater treatment and operations; and has applicable OSHA training including but not limited to confined space entry and lock-out/tag-out procedures.

Click here for complete job description including working conditions and physical requirements. To apply, email your letter of interest and resume to




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