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Sewer Bill Calculation

The sewer bill is calculated based on water consumption, a billing methodology provided for by the U.S. EPA and NJDEP. For North Hudson customers, an individual property’s water consumption is determined by meter readings undertaken by the Suez Water Company. The sewer bill is based on the previous quarter’s water usage. For example, a customer’s third quarter Suez water bill (July, August and September) is the basis for the NHSA’s fourth quarter sewer bill (October, November and December). The water usage is calculated in cubic feet by Suez and NHSA converts the consumption reading into gallons (1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallon). The current sewer rate is applied to the water usage in gallons. The first 6,000 gallons are billed at a flat minimum charge. Click here for the wastewater service charge.

Property Sales

At the sale of a property, it is the seller’s responsibility to request a final sewer bill. This is done by first obtaining from Suez a final water meter reading. Once the seller has the final Suez water reading, a request should be submitted to NHSA for a final sewer bill. Requests for final sewer bills can be made only when a final water meter reading has been completed.

Customers may make this request by sending an email to billinginfo@nhudsonsa.com and putting the service address and “Final” in the subject line or mail a letter to:

NHSA Billing Department
1600 Adams Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Tenant Accounts

Please be advised that all NHSA accounts, by state law, are ultimately the responsibility of the property owner, not individual tenants. In municipalities that permit wastewater charges to be passed through to tenants, NHSA may, as a courtesy to the property owner, bill individual tenants who have separate water meters. Nevertheless, property owners are ultimately responsible for any unpaid bills. It is advisable that those owners, who are permitted to pass through wastewater charges, request duplicate bills. For authorization and official resolution, click here.

Tax Sales

If a customer receives a tax sale notice from a municipality regarding a sewer bill delinquency, the amount due, including fees, must be paid directly to the municipal tax collector by either certified check or cash. Once a customer receives a tax sale notice from the municipality, payment cannot be accepted by NHSA. Customers may contact North Hudson’s Billing Department at 201.963.6043 or email billinginfo@nhudsonsa.com to review their sewer bill or to ensure that they have not been placed in tax sale erroneously. Please be advised if the full amount due is not paid to the municipal tax collector prior to the tax sale date, a lien will be placed on the property. If a lien is placed on the property, it can only be redeemed through the municipal tax office.

Billing Adjustments

Please keep in mind that sewer bills are based on water consumption as reported by Suez Water Company. If you receive an adjustment from Suez that impacts your consumption or amount due on your water bill, it is your responsibility to notify NHSA’s Billing Department. Although you may be under the impression that Suez will notify North Hudson of adjustments to your account, it is not obligated to do so. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform North Hudson of any adjustment decisions by Suez either by email (billinginfo@nhudsonsa.com) (please put the service address and “Adjustment” in the subject line), by fax (201.963.3782), or in person at 1600 Adams Street, Hoboken. You will have to provide a copy of the corrected water bill in order for North Hudson to adjust your sewer bill.  If you are disputing a bill with the water company, you are advised to pay the sewer bill to North Hudson in the interim.  Interest on the sewer bill will be forgiven only on the portion of the bill that is affected by the water company’s adjustment, not on other legitimate sewer charges that are left unpaid during a billing dispute with Suez.

Facilities Charge

For a residential building, the basis for the facilities charge is a “dwelling unit” or “service unit.” One service unit is defined as a single family home, a condominium unit, an apartment unit, or a transient dwelling unit. For a commercial establishment, the definition of a service unit is based on square footage, with one service unit equivalent to 3,000 square feet or part thereof (above or below 3,000 square feet) of every commercial, industrial, governmental, educational or institutional user.



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