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Report a Sewer Problem

If you need to report an emergency issue that requires immediate attention such as sewer odors, sewer backups, suspected breaks in a sanitary sewer or storm drain, or missing manhole covers, please use the telephone hotline (866.689.3970).

If you have an issue that needs attention but is not an emergency, please use the online form below.

In either case, you will be asked to provide the location and specific details of the problem. You also will be asked if you would like to provide contact information such as your name, phone number and email address so we can update you on the status of your issue.

Whatever reporting method you use, your problem will be assigned a work order number – which will be provided to you – prioritized and assigned for resolution. Once the work is completed, we will advise you of the outcome. You can also use the work order number to get updates on the situation through the telephone hotline.

While the NHSA does its best to address issues before they happen, we know problems do occur. Using these reporting tools will help us resolve them as quickly as possible.

For billing questions, or other general questions, please see our Contact Us page.

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Report a Sewer Problem

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