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Sewer Connection Procedures and Forms

A new sewer connection within the Authority’s service area must be approved by the Authority Engineer. Any new connection with a designed project flow in excess of 8,000 GPD daily average flow also requires approval from the Authority Board and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). These requirements are summarized, based on the most recent version of the NHSA Sewer Use Resolution.


  • Application fees. Each project submittal must be accompanied by a check for the fees noted below. The application fee and review fees are nonrefundable. The review fee is a deposit to reimburse the Authority for the cost of review, and subsequent fees may be required for review of the application.

    • Application fee – $500

    • Review fee – Gallons per day discharge X 0.1 (ex. 5,000 GPD X 0.1 = $500); minimum $2,500

    • Review fee surcharge – GPD X 0.04 (ex. 5,000 GPD X 0.04 = $200)

    • Total fee deposit $3,000 minimum charge.

    • Final payment methods accepted: cashier’s check or bank wire transfer.

  • Sanitary sewer discharge connection fees, following review approval, approved gallons per day discharge/300 * current tapping fee, updated annually (see reference items below).

  • Dewatering connection fees

    • Non-continuous construction dewatering user fee exemption: Developments which are dewatering a site for the purposes of pumping less than 8 hours per day, 30 gallons per minute and shall be exempt of user fees. The period of construction activity shall be less than three (3) months. Applicable activity includes construction for localized dewatering including application for shallow foundations, trenches, and pile caps. Pumps shall be limited to non-submersible, portable diaphragm pumps with 2-inch hose connectors. Use of flow meter shall be exempt for select pumps with maximum flow capacity of 30 gallons per minute.

    • Upon an approved sewer connection application meeting the exemption requirements above (a), the applicant shall be responsible for a one-time connection fee of $10,000. The applicant shall submit an application for review and pay application fees.

    • Non-exempt dewatering users shall be responsible for all connection fees established for sanitary sewer discharge connections.

Application Documents

The following documents are required for connection reviews:

  • Two copies of written application for construction of sewer facilities, including:

    • Treatment Works Approval Permit Application (TWA-1)

    • Engineer’s Report for Domestic Treatment Works Approval Applications (WQM-006)

    • If the designed flow is greater than 8,000 GPD, you must also submit two copies of the appropriate Statement of Consent:

    • Operating agreement or Certificate of Formation for all applications which are owned by a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).

    • Engineering Plans with related specifications for the proposed connection in accordance with N.J.A.C. criteria, and the Authority criteria (outlined herein) certified by a Professional Engineer that includes, but is not limited to, the following general information:

      • Name of applicant

      • Name of project

      • Name of owner, if different from that of applicant

      • Location map

      • Block and lot numbers on the current Tax Assessment Map

      • North Arrow

      • Date of preparation of plans and revision dates

      • Graphic scale and reference median

      • Benchmark elevation datum source

    • Grading Plan, showing the Stormwater Management System.

    • Site Plan and Technical Details, Reference Sewer Use Resolution, Sections 6.2 – 6.5

    • All projects require a stormwater management system. Submit the Stormwater Management Worksheet (refer to Reference Documents). Sites greater or equal to 10,000 square feet require automated flow control.

    • Architectural drawings of floor plans indicating units and/or use of proposed space.

    • Dewatering discharge system, as applicable, reference Sewer Use Resolution, Section 6.5

    • User Agreements and Deed Agreements, if applicable.

Reference Material

Connection or Tapping Fee
NHSA Sewer Use Resolution
Sewer Details (pdf) (zip file with dwg included)
Stormwater Management Worksheet
Sewer Atlas Map 1 of 3 – Hoboken
Sewer Atlas Map 2 of 3 – Union City and Weehawken
Sewer Atlas Map 3 of 3 – West New York
Easement Templates




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